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American Standard Mitusbishi Ductless Wall Unit

Central heating and air conditioning isn’t right for every home. If this is the case for your home, consider adding a ductless option to keep your space cool.

What is Ductless Air Conditioning?

Ductless air conditioning, sometimes called ductless mini-splits, is a method of climate control that doesn’t use air ducts. Instead of setting up one unit that pushes air throughout the house, ductless units cool each room. Ductless air conditioning can also be used for HVAC zoning. This is ideal for maintaining the climate of one or two specific rooms but isn’t right for whole-house climate control. For example, a boutique bed and breakfast would use ductless AC in each room so guests can control the temperature.

Like traditional forced-air units, ductless mini-splits have both indoor and outdoor units. The mini-splits cool air by pushing it over coils while also sucking hot air and moisture (which creates humidity) out of the room. Ductless mini-splits are often easier to install because they only require one wall-mounted unit inside.

Which Homes Can Benefit from Ductless AC?

Ductless air conditioning isn’t for every home. It’s often used in historic buildings that don’t have existing ductwork. Instead of adding air ducts and putting the integrity of the home structure at risk, homeowners can cool a space with the less-invasive ductless option.

Ductless AC is also used in home additions. If a family builds an extra room, finishes an attic, or converts a garage into an office space, then ductless AC can be a fast and affordable option for climate control. This is a better choice when the alternative involves extending ductwork and forcing air into the new area.

Finally, you may find ductless AC in small backyard buildings, like a mother-in-law suite or climate-controlled shed. This is because only one room needs to be cooled.

We Offer Ductless Repair and Maintenance

If you already have a ductless AC system, Jenkins and Sons Plumbing & Heating is here for you. Our service techs will repair your ductless unit when it breaks so you can stay comfortable in your home. We also offer ductless AC maintenance to extend the longevity of your unit and keep it running at optimal levels.

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