Furnace Sounds in Egg Harbor, NJ

Why Is My Furnace Making Banging Sounds in Egg Harbor Township, NJ?

December 20, 2022

Furnaces make noises that can either indicate they work properly, or they need assistance. Some of the common sounds you might hear include rattling and humming noises. Banging sounds are not okay and let you know that you have one of a few problems on your hands.

Ignition Delay

The banging sounds are often a sign of an ignition delay, especially if you only hear them when you turn on the furnace. The furnace chamber fills with gas while waiting for it to light. The banging sound is essentially a small explosion that happens when the gas ignites.


Before you call for a furnace replacement, find out if the noise relates to buildup on or inside the furnace. Dirt and carbon buildup occur through regular use. The banging sounds may signal that the furnace tried to clear off the buildup.

Clogged Gas Line

Having an Egg Harbor Township, NJ professional check out your furnace helps you avoid problems caused by a clogged gas line. Clogs may form because there isn’t enough pressure in the line, which causes gas to build up in certain spots. The gas can eventually push through and combust when it hits the pilot light, producing banging sounds.

Dying Fan

Your furnace has a built-in fan that expels warm air and forces it to different parts of your home. If there is any type of blockage in the fan, it produces a banging sound as the blockage strikes the fan. Cleaning the fan and removing the blockage should fix the problem.

When the temperature in Egg Harbor Township, NJ drops, you’ll want to use your furnace to stay warm. Any banging sounds you hear will usually relate to an ignition delay, buildup, a clogged gas line, or a dying fan. Contact Jenkins and Sons Plumbing & Heating today to see what you can do to eliminate those sounds and to check out all of the heating specials to save money on your repairs.

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