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To Go Ductless or Not to Go Ductless: Pros and Cons

December 20, 2020

Are you pondering a ductless AC installation in your Ocean City, NJ, home? These units are gaining popularity worldwide because of their remarkable versatility and energy efficiency. There are a few drawbacks, however.

Benefits of a Ductless Air Conditioner Installation

A big advantage of going ductless is that you’ll no longer lose up to 30 percent of your cool air by way of ductwork leaks. Additionally, you’ll enjoy these benefits:

  • Ductless cooling is highly efficient, with SEER ratings between 16 and 22.
  • Zoning lets you maintain different temperatures in different rooms. You can install a zoned system with a central air conditioner. However, it will be expensive and less efficient than ductless zoning.
  • Versatile mini-splits can be used to cool one room, a few rooms or the whole house. They can supplement central AC in rooms where it’s always too hot.
  • A ductless mini-split installation costs much less than installing ductwork in a home that doesn’t already have it.
  • Cool, clean air is delivered straight from the outdoor unit to the indoor units. Because treated air doesn’t pass through ducts, it won’t pick up contaminants and blow them around in your house.
  • State-of-the-art inverter technology means that indoor air is filtered and dehumidified almost continuously.

Disadvantages of Mini-Splits

  • A ductless AC installation will have a higher upfront cost. However, a technician can install it in a couple of days, and you’ll start saving on electricity immediately.
  • Some homeowners don’t like the wall-mounted indoor units. However, they can be mounted on the ceiling or the floor instead.
  • You might have trouble finding a qualified HVAC contractor who has mastered this modern technology.

The experienced HVAC installers and service techs at Jenkins and Sons Plumbing & Heating are ductless AC specialists. Visit us online or call us directly to learn more.

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