Gas Leak in Ocean City, NJ

Learn About What You Should do During a Gas Leak

March 8, 2024

Gas lines can break or leak from many things, such as corrosion, tree roots growing in or around the line, and even shifting soil. If you suspect you have a gas leak in your Ocean City, NJ, home, take action immediately to protect your family and property.

How to Identify a Gas Leak

Although natural gas doesn’t have an odor, it’s still possible to spot a leaky gas pipe before it’s too late. The most common sign of a leak is a rotten egg smell. Gas companies infuse their gas with this odor to make it more noticeable when a leak exists. However, the rotten egg smell isn’t the only sign of a leak. Other tell-tale signs include:

  • Bubbles in your tap water
  • Dead houseplants
  • Higher-than-normal gas bills
  • Hissing near the gas line
  • Visible damage to the gas pipe

Sometimes, leaks also make themselves known by causing physical symptoms. If you or family members who live or regularly visit your home experience unexplained flu-like symptoms, nosebleeds, disorientation, or decreased appetite, you might have a leaky gas pipe.

You Suspect a Gas Leak. Now What?

The first thing to do is turn off the system. Next, evacuate the home. Even the smallest leak can cause a household fire or explosion. Don’t second-guess yourself. In this situation, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Don’t forget to take your pets too. Also, open windows and doors as you leave so the gas can escape instead of continuing to build up.

Once you are safely outside the home, call the gas company and a plumber. Depending on the situation, a plumber may not be able to identify exactly where the leak is coming from. That’s why it’s wise to contact the gas company as well. After determining the leak’s location, a qualified service technician can repair the broken pipe so you can begin using your gas again safely.

24-Hour Emergency Repair Services

If the gas company has identified a gas leak in your home, contact Jenkins and Sons Plumbing & Heating to schedule a repair. We’ll send a qualified service technician to your home to get your gas pipes in working order ASAP.

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