Cooling Efficiency in Ocean City, NJ

4 Summertime Tips for Improving Cooling Efficiency in Ocean City, NJ

August 9, 2022

Your air conditioner should function optimally to keep you comfortable all summer. In addition to failing to cool your home, an inefficient system may increase your energy bills. You can adopt the tips below to keep your system operating at maximum efficiency in Ocean City, NJ.

1. Check Your Vents

Dust and debris may build up in your vents, interfering with the ease of releasing cool air into your home. Vacuuming them regularly, say monthly, can help remove these contaminants.

Also, your furniture may cover your vents partially, blocking the conditioned air. Checking your vents frequently helps to ensure that they’re relaying conditioned air efficiently without hindrances.

2. Change Your Air Filter

Your air filter serves the critical purpose of catching debris from the air that gets into your system. It makes indoor air quality better by preventing these contaminants from circulating in your living space.

Consider changing your air filter every month or two, depending on how clogged it is. The Department of Energy notes that replacing your air filter regularly can increase your AC’s energy efficiency by up to 15%.

3. Respond to System Issues Immediately

Your air conditioner may develop problems, just like any machine. You may have unusually loud noises or strange smells from your unit. You may also notice reduced airflow.

Have a qualified service technician inspect and repair your unit as soon as you detect something unusual. Ignoring the problem will only make it worse and it can significantly decrease the system’s efficiency. Also, you may end up paying more for an issue that would have cost you less if you acted immediately.

4. Increase Your Thermostat’s Efficiency

Your thermostat detects the indoor temperature and signals the air conditioner to turn on and off. Therefore, if the thermostat is in a place with higher temperatures than the rest of the home, it won’t provide an accurate reading to the air conditioner. Consider having a technician install your thermostat away from the kitchen, sunny windows, and heat-generating appliances.

Contact Jenkins and Sons Plumbing & Heating for your air conditioning requirements. Our technicians possess the knowledge and skills to work on systems of all kinds, so you can rest assured we will resolve your issue correctly the first time.

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