AC breakdown in Ocean City, NJ

4 Signs Your AC Is About to Break Down in Ocean City, NJ

May 31, 2023

AC breakdowns are inevitable. Knowing when your AC in Ocean City, NJ is about to break down helps you to schedule repair services as soon as possible to minimize AC downtime. Here are four signs of an impending AC breakdown.

1. Old Age

An air conditioner’s efficiency reduces as the system advances in age. Its parts start to wear down because they have been in operation for many years. If your air conditioner is more than 10 years old, consider replacing it, as ENERGY STAR recommends.

2. Unusual Noises

Besides soft purring, your air conditioner should not make noise while running. Therefore, if you hear weird noises that you’ve never encountered before, shut it off and call for repair services.

Various noises indicate different AC problems. For instance, a banging sound suggests there is a loose component that is hitting other parts. This noise may also sound like a metallic object hitting another metallic object.

Gurgling noises indicate your refrigerant is leaking. Buzzing sounds may indicate electrical issues.

3. Failing to Cool Your House

Sometimes, your air conditioner may fail to do what you need it to do: cool your house. Fortunately, the underlying issues don’t always need a technician’s attention.

The problem may be as small as forgetting to set your thermostat to “Cool.” Or you may have forgotten to change your air filter. If your air conditioner doesn’t cool your home after addressing these problems, call an AC technician.

4. Running Continuously

An air conditioner that runs continuously will break down at some point. This is because running constantly puts a lot of strain on the system’s components.

You can address minor issues that cause this problem, such as a clogged air filter. However, more complex problems, such as refrigerant leaks, will require professional services.

Contact Jenkins and Sons Plumbing & Heating whenever you need air conditioning services. We treat our clients’ systems with care, professionalism, and expertise.

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