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4 Plumbing Habits to Break Today in Egg Harbor, NJ

December 8, 2021

Plumbing is an essential part of every home that requires regular maintenance and care to function properly. Some bad habits can harm your home’s plumbing system, so it’s best to avoid them. Here are some of these habits that are damaging the plumbing in your Egg Harbor, NJ, home.

1. Abusing Your Garbage Disposal

Your garbage disposal helps break up food particles, but you should avoid the habit of throwing fibrous materials into the equipment. Potato peels, rice, fruit pits, eggshells and bones shouldn’t go down your garbage disposal because they can damage the appliance and the connected pipes. Save your plumbing pipes and garbage disposal by throwing the materials into a garbage can.

2. Treating Your Toilet Like the Trash

Flushing unwanted things like baby wipes and cat litter down the toilet damages your pipes. These items clog toilet drains, which can be costly to repair.

3. Letting Hair Down the Drains

If you’ve been letting hair strands wash down your shower drains, these accumulate over time and cling to soap scum inside the pipes of your shower drains, causing clogs that ultimately damage the pipes. You can place mesh drain screens in your sinks to prevent hair strands from clogging your shower drains.

4. Overusing Chemical Drain Cleaners

If you’re always tempted to use liquid drain cleaners every time your drains clog, then it’s time to stop this habit. These products contain harsh chemicals that eventually damage your drain pipes by causing cracks. It’s advisable to hire professional drain cleaners to clean your clogged drains regularly.

Damaging your plumbing system with these bad habits can lead to expensive repairs. With that knowledge, you can protect your pipes and drains to maintain a functional home. Call our team at Jenkins and Sons Plumbing & Heating today for professional drain cleaning and plumbing repair services.

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