Furnace Efficiency in Ocean City, NJ

3 Symptoms of an Inefficient Furnace in Ocean City, NJ

February 28, 2024

Now that we’re in the middle of winter, homeowners in Ocean City, NJ will be using their furnaces quite a bit to stay warm. This means that furnace efficiency will become a paramount concern and something that people will want to fix if the appliance isn’t operating optimally. In that spirit, here are three important signs that your furnace is inefficient.

1. Elevated Heating Bills

This first sign is the most obvious of them all. A furnace’s efficiency is its ability to heat your home without consuming excessive energy, thereby keeping your heating bills at manageable levels. If your utility bills suddenly explode, you should ask for professional help.

The reasons why this might happen are diverse and wide-ranging. Perhaps your furnace is simply too old and operating at a low efficiency, or perhaps one or more of its major components have ceased to function. One of our experienced technicians can get to the bottom of this and resolve the issue.

2. Short Cycling

Your furnace should heat your home when indoor temperatures are below the ideal level on your thermostat and stop heating after they’ve hit that level. Cycling occurs when your unit goes back and forth between these behaviors. However, when it switches between heating and not heating before a full heating cycle is complete, we call that short cycling.

Short cycling is, by definition, a major sign of furnace inefficiency because it means that your furnace is misusing its energy resources. It takes a lot of energy to restart a new cycle. To take care of this problem, you’ll need repair or maintenance services to clean and lubricate the components or replace a broken part.

3. Heating Delays

A well-functioning furnace should be able to heat a room promptly. Any delays in heating or prevalent cold spots indicate that the unit is inefficient.

Declining furnace efficiency can make your winters in Ocean City, NJ rather unpleasant. Call Jenkins and Sons Plumbing & Heating to schedule heating services, and we can help you with all your heating issues.

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