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3 Reasons Cold Water Isn’t Coming Out of Your Shower

December 13, 2020

No hot water for your morning shower may be your worst nightmare. However, losing your cold water in your Egg Harbor, NJ, home can be just as bad. Fortunately, it’s a relatively easy problem to fix when you schedule plumbing repair immediately.

Your Main Water Valve Is Turned Off

Check your other showers and faucets to see how widespread the issue is. If your taps are without cold water, the main water supply shutoff valve is probably turned off. All you have to do is turn it back on.

Your Pressure-Balancing Valve Needs Replacement

If your other showers and faucets all have cold water, then the most likely problem is that the pressure-balancing valve has gone bad. This valve is usually positioned inside of the shower’s faucet.

This valve’s function is to regulate water pressure and balance the flow of hot and cold water as it exits the showerhead. You can easily solve this problem by having the defective valve replaced.

Your Shower Has Mineral Buildup or Corrosion

Showers that aren’t used regularly are more likely to acquire a buildup of mineral deposits. Corrosion accumulates in the cartridge that holds the pressure-balancing valve in place. This buildup can cause the pressure-balancing valve to malfunction, especially if you have hard water.

If the accumulation becomes significant, it can prevent cold water from reaching the showerhead. If that happens, you’ll have to replace the cartridge. Replacing the pressure-balancing valve or the cartridge are quick and inexpensive plumbing repairs. They will restore the balance of hot and cold water in your shower.

The multi-talented plumbing specialists at Jenkins and Sons Plumbing & Heating offer a full range of HVAC and plumbing services. Contact us online or call us to learn more.

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